Spiritual Opportunities

Spiritual Opportunities at
Farnan Spirituality Center.

Below is a listing of spiritual opportunities available now (or coming soon) for small groups to participate in. All of these are intended to enhance your spiritual reflection and journey. This page will be updated periodically for you. Please feel free to contact us with your comments.


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Mini Retreats

Mini Retreats will be offered periodically for small groups to discuss prayer, scripture, faith, and spiritual exercises. Mini Retreats are available at Farnan Spirituality Center for small groups on select dates throughout the year. Registration is free. A donation is appreciated but not required.

June Mini Retreat on Prayer

We will explore various prayers and prayer styles, participate in a spiritual exercise, discuss barriers to praying, share helpful methods, and look at Father James Martin's book, "Learning to Pray: A Guide for Everyone." Click to sign-up now. June 13: 9-11:30 am (Open) - June 15: 1-3:30 pm (Open)

June Mini Retreat on Spiritual Apparitions

A time to reflect upon angels, apparitions, spiritual beings, and the thin veil that exists between earth and heaven. Click to sign-up now. June 16: 9-11:30 am (Open)

Keep me posted on other Mini Retreats.

Topics In Faith

Attend a scheduled Discussion to explore topics of concern and interest in the Catholic faith that affect our society, religion, and relationships.

Available soon. Yes, I'm interested.

Spiritual reflection


Participate in an experience exploring various prayer styles and the spiritual lives of saints and holy people.

Available soon. Yes, I'm interested.

Praying hands holding the Rosary.

Discussion Groups

Join us in a special Discussion Group where we reflect on such things as literature, art, music, and poetry.

Available soon. Yes, I'm interested.

Photo of people attending a discussion.

Spiritual Stretch

Join us in a Retreat that stretches the mind, body, and spirit through techniques of Christian yoga or being "yoked with Christ."

Available soon. Yes, I'm interested.

Spiritual stretch excercise.

Grief And Forgiveness

Reflect upon loss in our lives, how we handle the loss, how we honor loved ones, and in some cases, how we forgive hurt and grievances against us.

Available soon. Yes, I'm interested.


Book Ventures

Learn about classic writings and faith themes woven into great literature.

Available soon. Yes, I'm interested.

Classic books and writings

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