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Below is a short listing of spiritual novels to enhance your spiritual reflection and journey. This page will be updated periodically for you. Please feel free to contact us with your comments.


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The Power and
the Glory

The Power and the Glory is a 1940 novel by Graham Greene about a renegade Catholic 'whisky priest' (a term coined by Greene) living in the Mexican state of Tabasco in the 1930s when the Mexican government was attempting to suppress the Catholic Church. That suppression resulted in the Cristero War (1927–1929), so named for its Catholic combatants' slogan "Viva Cristo Rey" ("Long live Christ the King").

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Author Jennifer Haigh


Faith is a novel by Jennifer Haigh that explores the fallout of one devout family. Estranged from her family, Sheila McGann returns home when her older brother Art - a popular pastor - finds himself at the center of the maelstrom. The book is a haunting meditation on loyalty and family, doubt, and belief.

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Author George Bernanos

Diary of a
Country Priest

Diary of a Country Priest, by George Bernanos, is a classic Catholic novel. It movingly recounts the life of
a young French country priest who grows to understand his provincial parish while learning spiritual humility himself. Awarded the Grand Prix for Literature, it was adapted into an acclaimed film by Robert Bresson.

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Author Leon Uris


Trinity, by Leon Uris, is a saga of glories and defeats, triumphs and tragedies, lived by a young Catholic rebel and the beautiful and valiant Protestant girl who defied her heritage to join him. It is a masterful portrait of a beleaguered people divided by religion and wealth--impoverished Catholic peasants pitted against a Protestant aristocracy wielding power over life and death.

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