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Connie Connell Fahey grew up with three brothers to whom she credits her touch of toughness. She has always faced challenges head-on. Drawn to nursing from a young age, she now, as a wife, mother, and grandmother, continues to serve in the health care field. Her focus includes helping people prepare for death.

She compares birth into the next world to birth into this world which none of us knew before we formed memories. She suggests that the thoughts and feelings of joy that surround birth ought to guide our thoughts and feelings as we approach death because our Christian belief teaches that we will be born again, this time into eternal life.

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Welcome to the Farnan Spirituality Center (FSC) website! “Welcome” means to come and be made well. It is my hope that you will be made well—or that your life is enhanced—by a closer walk with the Good Lord. Spiritual encounters, from group retreats or discussions to one-on-one counsel or direction, are good ways to strengthen our relationship with God and, subsequently, with others.

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"In the end, these things are only required: that you act justly, that you love tenderly, and that you walk humbly with the Lord."

The Prophet Micah

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Father Don Farnan

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"We are like travelers who have forgotten
the name of our destination. We must return from where we came to discover where
we are going."

G. K. Chesterton

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"I truly appreciate the use of musical references and other writings which you often use. I have been blessed to have attended small dinners and discussions where you have often used these same references to engage attendees. It always has left me with soul searching and a path to answering some very deep questions. Thank you for providing some more stepping stones."
- Helen V.

“Thank you, Father Don! Your good words help so many, and I love forwarding your encouraging message.”
- Peggy B

"Thank you for helping us see the connections rather than the differences in many faith traditions."
- Mary Jo C.

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